Is Carey Davis Being Backed by Mayor Pat Morris?

The final question of the Mayoral Candidates Forum held last Saturday night at Cal State San Bernardino demonstrated how far two-term Mayor Pat Morris had fallen.

When asked:

“If Mayor Pat Morris called and offered you his endorsement for your mayoral campaign, would you accept that endorsement?”

— 9 of the 10 candidates participating in the Forum answered with a resounding no.

Rikke Van Johnson, Karmel Roe, Chas Kelley, Rick Avila, Henry Nickel, Wendy McCammack, Concepcion Powell, Draymond Crawford, and Richard Castro all stated on the public record they would not accept Pat Morris’s endorsement.

Only candidate Carey Davis said that he would welcome the endorsement of San Bernardino’s failed mayor Pat Morris.

Carey Davis is the only candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino who will accept the endorsement of Pat Morris.

That’s absolutely astonishing.

If you were to speculate which mayoral candidate would covet Morris’s support, you’d naturally believe it would be Rikke Van Johnson.

As a member of the San Bernardino City Council, Rikke Van Johnson has been extremely supportive of the policies and direction advocated by Mayor Pat Morris.

But as everyone now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, Pat Morris’s agenda has been disastrous for San Bernardino.

Carrying that baggage into the Mayor’s Race, Van Johnson had to do the best he could to distance himself from his own record by distancing himself from Pat Morris.

What kind of a person in their right mind wouldn’t want to distance himself from Pat Morris?

That kind of person turns out to be one Carey Davis.

Carey Davis, for reasons currently unknown, isn’t running away from Pat Morris.

Like the other candidates Davis would be wise to run away from Pat Morris’s abysmal record of municipal bankruptcy, exploding violent crime, a depressed quality of life for San Bernardino’s residents, and allegations of corruption.

But he’s not.

Instead Davis actually wants the disgraced mayor’s support in his bid to be for the job.

Red flags should be going up and alarm bells sounding off in the minds of voters.

Little is known about Carey Davis – other than the fact that he’s a Pat Morris supporter.

Carey Davis did not participate in our Online Interview series as most of the Mayoral Candidates did – including those who have been criticized by this website.

What’s Carey Davis hiding from the voters of San Bernardino?

Could it be that Davis is Pat Morris’s hand picked successor as Mayor?

Are Pat Morris and his financial supporters helping to bank roll Carey Davis’s campaign?

Those are questions that need to be answered by a candidate no one really knows much about.

Because if Mr. Davis is indeed being backed by Pat Morris and his big money supporters, then the people of San Bernardino deserve to know that before they cast their ballots.

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